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Archive of Videos from the 2006 Demonstrator Project

For newer videos please see our YouTube Channel

Compilation of InfoLab21 Films

For an overview of all the following films watch this 17 minute compilation.

Download Video

The research and development activities of InfoLab21 have been captured in a series of short films as part of the InfoLab21 Demonstrator Project co-ordinated by InfoLab21’s Knowledge Business Centre.

InfoLab21 - An Introduction

Download Video (Film by KnowledgePartners)

This film explains why InfoLab21 attracts visitors from all over the world, why it was built, what kind of research is being done inside the building, how InfoLab21 collaborates with and supports businesses, how InfoLab21 develops ICT skills across the region and what opportunities InfoLab21 provides the region.

Length 10:32

KBC - Innovation Through Collaboration

Download Video (Film by Quay Creative)

Watch Youth Version of this film

This film will be of particular interest to businesses as it gives an overview of the Knowledge Business Centre, a department in InfoLab21 which works with and for businesses, providing free ICT support. The KBC provides opportunities for collaboration between researchers and industry by matching the needs of businesses with the skills of InfoLab21 staff to develop new products and processes.

Length 7:44

Andrine - Virtual Personality Engineering

Download Video (Film by KnowledgePartners)

Andrine is a virtual personality who reacts to messages sent to her by various mechanisms (for example via SMS).

This film can be viewed in smaller chapters on the Knowledge Partners website.

Length 8:28


Download Video (Film by Quay Creative)

Watch Youth Version of this film

Pac-Lan is a communication systems project which utilises RFID technology to create a mixed reality mobile phone game.

Length 7:02

NEMO - Ubiquitous Computing For Industrial Workplaces

Download Video (Film by KnowledgePartners)

The focal point of the NEMO project is the development and use of ‘smart artefacts’, i.e. work-related objects such as tools and containers augmented with embedded computing, sensing and wireless communication capabilities.

Length 7:45

Robotics - Evolvable Intelligence in Robotics

Download Video (Film by Quay Creative)

Watch Youth Version of this film

The Department of Communication Systems has developed mobile robots that are capable of recognising the parameters and obstructions of an unknown environment.

Length 6:44

The Knowledge Business Centre thanks KnowledgePartners and Quay Creative for their co-operation with this project.