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Accelerator Programme - Harnessing Transformational ICT

acelerator programme
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As part of ISIS, InfoLab21’s Accelerator Programme has been created to help 20 Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) to:

  • Evaluate their current usage of digital technologies
  • Learn about how to get the best out of new technologies
  • Think strategically about ICT to transform their business
  • Increase productivity, competitiveness and efficiency through ICT adoption
  • Develop a new business plan to include relevant ICT adoption and best practice
  • Forge relationships within a group of 20 Northwest SMEs


  • Extended Engagements - the programme will last up to 3 months, depending on when companies join and we hope to develop a long term relationship with each business.
  • Expert guidance - we will introduce and guide companies through a new topic in each exclusive workshop.
  • Strategic Thinking - after each workshop companies will be encouraged to think about and develop their ICT strategy.
  • Flexibility & Choice - workshop topics provided in response to specific business requirement to ensure high value bespoke delivery.
  • Networking- companies become part of an exclusive peer group of 20, to facilitate on-going learning and collaboration.
  • Applied learning with tangible outcomes-unlike isolated one-off workshops, each workshop helps build towards the final goal of a documented plan of ICT adoption and integrated business ensuring each company utilises ICT to its maximum effect.


The Programme will include:

  • An initial IT Audit to gather information on how each company currently uses ICT.
  • A series of 4-6 workshops (each company must attend 4 to qualify for all stages of the programme) for each company, tailored to their own use of ICT.
  • Subsidised business planning support (valued at over £2.5k costing <£1k to client) provided to embed enhanced ICT adoption into the company’s short, medium and long-term strategies.


Phase One

There is a compulsory welcome session where those companies entering onto the scheme run through the programme aims, goals and administration & paperwork. At this first session the companies will all be issued with their ‘homework’ which will form the basis of the delivery.

The ‘homework’ is to complete a simple Technology Questionnaire. This will show number and type of workstations and other hardware utilised in the business e.g. phones, operating system, other software, type of network, anti-virus, firewall and how they currently support their systems.

Following the analysis of the audits we will then recommend company specific compulsory modules which they must attend as well as having the option to attend the other sessions.

Phase Two

This is the mix of compulsory and optional sessions. Draft topics for this include:

  • Mobile & flexible working – maximisation
  • Outsourcing – support & systems
  • Client Communications – maximising your client base
  • E-Presence – your electronic footprint
  • Software Licensing – Compliance, understanding the options
  • Investment – Considerations, ROI, Funding
  • Software As A Service (SAAS)
  • Security

Phase Three

After the compulsory and any optional sessions the companies will be asked to look at the technology questionnaire that they conducted in the first instance and review their ICT strategy based upon the information that the programme has provided with a view to implementing changes in the future.

Phase Four

For those companies that go through into Phase 4 they will be able to access a subsidised Business Plan based around the development and implementation of what they have learnt about transformational ICT.

Companies who have completed 4 or more workshops will be eligible for the final stage of the programme-the creation of a new Business Plan. Following the final workshop bespoke business planning support will be provided to take the ICT adoption plan/ICT strategy and embed that enhanced ICT adoption into the company’s short, medium and long-term strategies.

Phase Five

Companies will receive on-going review of their revised business plan to monitor the transformation aspect of their revised ICT adoption/usage and also to capture impact on GVA and other project metrics.


The workshops dates are yet to be confirmed.

The session will run from 08:30 until 12:30.

08:30 – breakfast & registration
09:00 – housekeeping
09:15 – the presentation
10:30 – coffee
11:00 – structured Q&A*
12:15 – feedback
12:30 – finish

*Prior to the session we would like all of the companies to submit one anonymous question about the topic that interests them. These will be passed to the presenter prior to the event so they can prepare an answer. There will be an option for traditional Q&A post presentation.


The Accelerator Programme is part of ISIS and so the same eligibility criteria applies. Please see more information on eligibility here:


Nick King
tel: 01524 510447


Colin McLaughlin
tel: 01524 510443