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Transformational ICT For Northwest SMEs

Transformational ICT
Support for Business

InfoLab21 has been successful in securing funds through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to provide free transformational ICT” support via ISIS to SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) throughout the Northwest, making business changes to minimise costs and maximise the benefits from ICT.

Our expertise focuses on these key areas of ICT:

Transformational ICT - Definition

Transformational ICT is where ICT enables a completely different (i.e. transformed) business model which could simply not be delivered without that ICT and which potentially brings substantial new benefits to the business, for example, in terms of productivity, competitiveness, market access or carbon neutrality.

More examples:

  • Reducing the paperwork burden
  • Improve efficiency by reducing duplication
  • Exploiting existing investments in ICT to help share existing capabilities more widely
  • Streamlining processes
  • The standardisation, simplification and sharing of information
  • Opening up an increasing number of potential new channels for customer access using technology and delivering information in different ways, eg electronically and keep up with customer demand for information using new media
  • Improving relationships with everyone involved in delivering service by allowing information to flow more freely and efficiently between partners, intermediaries and suppliers
  • Providing information that can be used to make decisions, eg audit levels, security, staff usage
  • Planning for the use of technology in business continuity, eg the use of shared facilities, flexible work options or remote access help reduce the impact of a disaster or emergency
  • Using technology to develop new services, products and processes
  • Using e-commerce solutions to support new ways of expanding customer markets and enable a business to increase market share
  • Changing paper-based or off-line business systems to web-based business systems

ISIS has been awarded funding as part of a National Government pilot to:

“test various options to overcome possible market failures concerning “transformational” ICT that prevent:

  • potential users from understanding the risks, costs and benefits of the technology
  • potential users from discerning where best to obtain advice on “transformational” ICT
  • the supply of consultancy services to potential users.”

“In addition the pilots will test whether “transformational” ICT is able to;

  • increase productivity and competitiveness
  • support the creation and adoption of new business models
  • enable increased resource efficiency and sustainability within businesses
  • encourage businesses to innovate and exploit new markets.”

More Information

To see if your company is eligible for this free support please contact

Nick King
tel: 01524 510447


Colin McLaughlin
tel: 01524 510443