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Ways To Collaborate - ISTEP

  1. Expert Consultancy
  2. Development Projects
  3. Technical Workshops (Brunch Bytes)
  4. Spin out company support
  5. Regional Events

Expert Consultancy

For those businesses that require a specialist expert to explore a niche technology solution.

ISTEP Business Relationship Officer Sam Winder will identify the most appropriate experts for each businesses. They will facilitate in-depth discussions between the appropriate experts around specific technologies or developments that could assist in shaping the company’s strategy around business planning, research and/or product development.

The experts delivering this support will range from PhD students to senior academics and professors depending on topic and business need. Consultancy time varies, but is typically 1 to 2 days with senior academics or 80-100 hours/2 working weeks with PhD students.


  • Market Research:

    Evaluation of a range of wireless communications and develop a prototype proximity based system to integrate with displays, creating a personalised signage solution for a care and healthcare technologies company.

    Skills matching/market research service for a broadcasting company to identify academics within InfoLab21 working on projects broadcast arena, eg content management, broadband, peer to peer and IP TV, and bring them together to share ideas and best practice and forward plan product development.
  • Technology Integration:

    Advice and guidance on developing online content and integrating new technology such as Bluetooth and RFID into a theatre and media productions company to improve management and scope of the company.

    Technology to link an iPhone application to a website for a travel company who want to build on work developed from an utilising an Innovation Voucher and integrate their systems.

Development Projects

For business who want to develop software, applications and/or prototypes.

The experts will range from PhD or MSc student depending on topic and business need. Consultancy time varies, but is typically 80-100 hours/ 2 working weeks with a PHD or MSc student plus initial academic supervision.

Prototype development and proof of concept:

  • Demonstration prototype for a software solutions company to develop work from an Innovation Voucher to demonstrate secure data exchange for users.
  • Proof of concept dashboard to enable a business intelligence company to present large data sets in a variety of different ways for their large commercial clients.
  • Prototype development of a system to provide remote video management services for a games companyto providemore interactive ways of marketing the company.

Software Development:

  • Software solution and device for a games development company who want to target the disabled and assisted living market and develop technology and help people with dexterity problems interact with technology.

Mobile Applications Development:

  • Geo-location tourism based game/learning tool iPhone application for a digital creative agency.
  • Development of a touch screen system using RFID technology for a project management company.
  • Development of an iPhone game for a smart software company specialising in iPhone and iPad applications. 
  • A viable iPhone game to take to market for a games developer for mobile smart phones
  • Development of a proof of concept iPhone application to demonstrate the accuracy of Google Wi-Fi positioning in relation to GPS, with the intention to use the technology in an assisted living environment.
  • Development of a mobile website and linked iPhone and Android applications for a lifestyle magazine, enabling the company to have a mobile presence accessible from a range of devices whilst still having a presence on the app stores.
  • Advice and Guidance on developing an order on the go mobile application for a mobile applications company who wanted to connect and collaborate with InfoLab21 mobile applications experts to review best practice and investigate and potential projects.
  • A mobile application that can be used by customers to book and bid for restaurant tables on the go to provide an addition user interface for a hospitality marketing company .
  • Geo-location mobile application to help a creative media company disseminate short films and receive product reviews, increasing viewing options and enhancing the user experience.
  • Assistance in development of a web application that helps users of an e-commerce system list their products on the major shopping comparison websites and marketplaces.

Technical Workshops (Brunch Bytes)

Brunch Bytes is a 2 year event programme where delegates can attend a selection (3 min) of specialist technical workshops from a range of current digital topics depending on which are appropriate to their business. The workshops will start in February 2011 with 12+ events planned in total and to ensure delegates from all 5 North West sub regions have accessibility to this programme event delivery will take place at both Lancaster University and Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus.  Subject will reflect current market trends and company feedback with the planned topics for delivery in 2011 being: Mobile Contactless Technology, Social Media, IPTV, Gamification and Augmented Reality.


Spin-Out Company Support

ISTEP will help to support the creation and growth of 10 new Lancaster University spin out companies working within the Digital and Creative Sector.  This high value companies will create and retain high value employment opportunities in the North West and, in turn, increase GVA generated for the region by Digital and Creative companies.  A bespoke package of support will be available to new (up to 18 month old) start ups from Lancaster University which may include short-term specialist consultancy in areas such as business modelling, technical market analysis, marketing for digital companies and will be provided by either InfoLab21 academics or selected private sector specialists.

Regional Events

In addition to the Brunch Bytes series of technical workshops, InfoLab21 delivers and promotes a wide range of free events, demonstrations, workshops and seminars throughout the North West.  In addition to directly promoting ISTEP these events provide businesses with networking opportunities, updates on the latest developments in technology and routes to funding for technology development. ISTEP also offers topic specific events involving leading edge/blue sky research being carried out at InfoLab21 to enable SMEs to anticipate elements of science and technology that are likely to impact on the Digital & Creative sector in the future.

For more information see our events section.